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Six Imaginary Coronavirus Artworks
(and their critiques) (Click on the 'To the critic' button below each description! On phones, please use the menu, the little lines at the top…)

An imaginary art critic on six imaginary works by six imaginary artists in six imaginary galleries…

IMG_6937with figures.jpg

1. Schoenberg's ELIZA (The impossibility of being taken seriously)

Fifi Amherst Brinn (USA) 2020. Metal capsule with live virus, suspended in a glass tank, step-ladder, touch screens and computer. Dimensions approx. 200 x 260 x 180 cm. Gallery: Tate Market Harborough.

2.  Memory alloy in a green square

Harriet Biffminns (S) 2020. Installation, variable dimensions, Galerie Jarrilie, Paris 75005. View by socially distanced appointment only.

3. All the words beginning with A that are in the film script of Monty Python’s Life of Brian, but which are not in Marx and Engels’ Communist Manifesto

Hans Riffi Timbren (D), 2020. Permanent inks on paper. 360 x 370 cm. (Produced under Coronavirus lockdown, shown posthumously). Gallery Zwinger, Berlin (W Müller, prop.)

IMG_6934 2.JPG
disappear gaze1.jpg

4. Burial at Onan’s (sic), lit by the nearby flashing blue light of a Covid-19 victim recovery unit, painted by foot

Annbeth Miris Riff (DK) & Brenna Miff’Irtish (IRL) (when working collectively: A&B, or Art & Badtemperedness), 2020. Wall robot drawing and oil paint on canvas, 310 x 660 cm. Studio View, Kreuzberg, Berlin. To be shown at Galerie de Vierzon, Paris, July 2021.

5. Boris Johnson and other Tories cheering the defeat of a proposal to give nurses a pay rise, 2017: painting by numbers (colours black)

 Berni Raniff Smith (GB/D) 2017, Permanent inks on canvas, 120 x 190 cm. Shown in “This is Tomorrow Again”, 2018 Whitechapel Gallery, London.

6.  Fugitive (Thinking about not thinking about the Coronavirus)

 Anon. (GB), 2020. Interactive installation. Ars Lockdownalia, Linz, Austria. (Runner-up, Der Goldene Virus prize.) Critic's notes.

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